Tuesday, 20 December 2016

 December 20th Update
I want to quickly give an update on my dr. appt this afternoon.  We have been blessed with more good news and some that is a bit unclear/speculative.  But, that is the nature of stage 4 breast cancer.
My platelets have remained low but my oncologist is ok for another chemotherapy to start in a week. (this will be the 12th cycle)   All of my liver enzymes have improved or remained the same.  Both my tumor markers have decreased.  Oncologist is continuing  the process of referring me for a newish drug on the market to be combined with an anti hormonal.  We are not in a hurry as the current therapy is working ‘beautifully’.   These were the actual words of my oncologist.  We just want to have all options available and basically have our ducks in line so to speak. 
Oncologist is writing up a letter for me that is ok to travel as we are heading to Ixtapa for 2 weeks.  (and ok for me to have chemotherapy drugs in my carry on)  My insurer is also on board with me travelling and is actually encouraging me and giving me travel tips.  I am so grateful to have a medical team and insurer that are encouraging quality of life and do not want me or expect me to be bedridden 24/7. 
The results of my MRI are a bit vague.   This MRI report was done by a different radiologist and my oncologist wants to contact the original radiologist to figure out what a few of the comments mean.  My oncologist doesn’t think it is anything to worry about as I am clinically doing very well.  Advised he will call if any concern.  He believes that some of the images are regenerative nodules in my liver which is a very good thing and not new tumors.  MRI notes are not clear and we may need to wait until spring to really know for sure what is going on.  The original 6 tumors seem to be history.  My spleen is still enlarged and has increased slightly in size and  I still have portal hypertension in the vessels.  We got a copy of the MRI report and just reading some of it now and much of it I do not understand.  Trying hard to believe that everything is well without really knowing for sure.  A lot of this disease is speculative so all we can do is believe the best if we do not know if what is speculative is for sure bad.  Have to believe all is ok or I will only be living a nightmare twice.  The oncologist advised that it does not make sense for the disease to be progressing at this time with the tumor markers decreasing, liver enzymes to be stable/decreasing and for me to be feeling well.  I am doing my best to believe him asking God for emotional strength and increased faith.
Living each day to the fullest and never taking a second of life on earth for granted.  Believing that God has a pathway for me and is right beside me.  With God all things are possible.  Although days like today are long and draining,  we have as many answers as possible and God has been providing us wisdom and guidance all along.  We are so grateful to all those who have helped us through this storm and continue to help and guide us. 
We are most grateful for Jesus and to celebrate his birth. 
May the peace of God be with you always.  Merry Christmas! 
Much Love,


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