Saturday, 9 April 2016

This is the first line of my test blog.  April 9, 2016



    First I am so sorry that I have to start a blog and then I had to learn how to start one. God has blessed me so much love in my life and it has quickly become impossible for me return phone calls, emails, texts and facebook messsages from all of you. I have so much love in my live and I truly have known it for a very long time. Cancer does not get any credit for that.

    Most of you know that cancer smacked me in the face for the first time in December 2008. It was also a particularly difficult time for my family as my mom's passing was 5 days after my diagnosis. One of the most difficult things I have done in my life is tell my daddy that I had breast cancer. I remember him sitting in his chair and just shaking his head. I remember him and my sister Lynn coming to visit us at home and my dad bringing me roses. He was so proud of those flowers and handed them to me with so much love. I still have those flowers.

    I successfully went through all of the treatments and had a proactive hysterectomy. I tried to do a lot to prevent a recurrence. I exercised as much as possible. I ran 4 half marathons. Even when I felt tired or sick I would walk for 30 minutes as exercise is proven to help prevent a recurrence. I took my tamoxifen at 8:30 pm every evening for 6 1/2 years. I took a TON of supplements. Tim, my scientist husband was always on top of the latest research. What happened and why? If landscapers were spraying, I would walk the other way. If people were smoking I would hold my breath or walk the other way. But, I did enjoy some good wine during the last 7 1/2 years. I enjoyed my volunteering and it breaks my heart that I am no longer able to volunteer in that role. But, I will find another way. I have been blessed to have numerous vacations with Tim. I have seen Justine graduate from high school and will soon see her get married to Matthew on August 1st. I was blessed to be at Patrick and Raschelle and Patrick's wedding last June. Someone, who has had cancer in the past, never takes for granted that they will see these things in their lives. Yet, you learned to balance the fear of recurrence with the reality. It is a learned skill let me tell you.

  2. Heartbreakingly, after a CT scan MRI and liver biopsy, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer mets to my liver. Cancer care at HSC is not a glass half full kind of a place. More like your glass is empty girl. I know my liver is in bad shape but there is so much they do not know. The dr. explains a bit what is happening but I can't really speak as I am heart broken. They basically just make you a statistic, tell you they will see you in three weeks, give you some poison options and tell you they are sorry. Then you go pay your parking. Seriously, no parking voucher? I have a thing about paying for parking my car.

    So, what does a person do with this information. I was angry at the world and for a short time, even at God. I prayed every day since my original diagnosis that my breast cancer would not return. I prayed for my breast cancer sisters. We have lost too many of our sisters. Kerry and Jen, I pray for your families every day. When, I was concerned about my cancer returning, I had teams of people praying for me. Tim and I prayed so much. We felt that God did not answer our prayers. We did not feel that he was near. Why God? Why?

    After a very short period of crying till you think you cannot cry any more and you are so broken you just say and feel and think WHAT NOW GOD? What are we supposed to do? Please guide us. This is too big for us. We give all of this to you God. Please bring me healing. I do not understand why this happened and I need your healing and your guidance Jesus. Please guide me in my decisions and I need to feel you near. Please make good out of the bad that the devil has done.

    I started taking my perscribed poison for the first round on April 14th. I made it to day 12 of 14. I developed a terrible rash and had to take prednizone. The rash cleared up but then I started getting sever abdominal bloating. Dr. saw me on May 2 and said I had gas. Really? Thanks to my dear friend Joanne for her maternity clothes. Tim has never seen me pregnant so here we are. They reduced my posion doseage by about 20%. On May 9th, spoke to my dr and told him I had severe abdominal bloating.

  3. After a trip to urgent care and 4 abdominal drains of fluid between 1 litre and 3.1 litres including an overnight at St. Boniface accompanied by Raschelle and Tim; they decided to look into this further. Had an ultra sound on May 26th. Oncologist is having blood work done on me 2 x this week and sped up the MRI to June 13th. Still look about 6 months pregnant. There are a number of things that they are looking at on my liver that are quite technical. My liver is congested and it could be due to a number of things. Anyways, chemo round 3 is under way and we will review after that to see how things are. It is really a day by day thing around here. Plans change instantly.

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  5. OK everyone, still learning how to blog. Computers have never been my strength. I was signed is as my son in law Patrick so I deleted the last blog. Sorry Pat.

  6. The severe abdominal bloating is more likely caused by the reaction to the chemo which could decrease once the cancer cells die. It is less likely that the cancer is growing as both of my tumor markers reduced by 10% in a 3 week period and most of my liver enzymes are improving. We are praying continuously for healing.

  7. MRI tell us more. I miss my active life style and I remain hopeful that it will return. I want to be me again and the wife and mother that I used to be. I am so grateful for all of the food that so many people have left for the last around 6 weeks. Tim would have withered away. (special shout out to Miss Rhonda & Mom Dorothy) Thankyou to all who have prayed for us and with us. There just are no words. Keep the prayers coming and food for Tim pretty please. Much Love,

  8. For those who don't know my youngest daughter Justine is getting married on August 1st to Matthew. I thank them both for changing the date. We are all so excited. He is her guy and I pray they will have a marriage full of joy, peace and God's grace. It was truely a heart felt moment when she found the right dress. xo

  9. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sometimes I feel like that. I take poison, fight to get through the day and go to bed. Wake up feel like crap and take more poison. Sometimes, you just wonder if this really is the right thing. The definition of faith is Hebrews 11:1 is: Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen. It gives us assurance about things we cannot see. I cannot see my body healing. But, today I got incredibly good blood test results that my oncologist called me about 2 hours after the test. Both tumor markers were reduced by about 20% in 6 days and my billiruban is normal which he was concerned about on Friday. Thank you Jesus! I am on the right road I just have not yet received my destination.

  10. You are an amazing person... I don't understand why shuch horrible things happen, especially when one does everything in their power to be as healthy as they can in mind body & soul... Then the next person does absolutely nothing and they remain healthy... My heart is with you all... ❤️

  11. You unfortunately know this all too well my dear friend. I pray that we can connect in Puerto Vallarta or sooner. I do not understand many things that happen in this world. But, I do know that God loves us and one day we will understand.

  12. So, I am truly publishing an unedited blog. I realize there are numerous typos and grammar but who cares anyway. When you get diagnosed with a terminal illness like stage 4 breast cancer there are many things you no longer care about and things you do want to put your focus on. I know it is really an impossible situation for anyone who sees me and I just want everyone not to worry about what to say. There is nothing you really can say. The situation sucks! Just give me a hug and if you are a Christian, you can say you are praying for me. I am living with cancer and want to make the most of the time I have. It is more than full time job being a cancer patient. And a job that I did not choose.

  13. Tim and I talk about treatments all the time. Raschelle and Patrick and Tim are heading the research area. Do you want to talk about your job after you work all week? Not too many people do. So, I want to hear about your lives and what is going on. I want to hear about your kids, pets, vacations, projects you have on the go.
    Basically - your life. This is why I started to blog. So everyone could just refer to this and we could as much as possible have the same relationships we have. And if I do start talking about things I shouldn't because I can be a bit of a rabbit chaser, stop me. I believe we are just feeding the cancer by talking about
    it and it does not deserve our time.

    Justine is busy with her bachelorette weekend and Raschelle is hosting a bridal shower for her on Sunday. I am slacker mother of the bride. Thank you everyone for stepping up and helping.
    Bless you.

  14. Well Bev, Janice here. Let me just say, this sucks. I 've been thinking of you and am glad you created this blog. Your health and wellness idea has created momentum and we r in the process of putting something together for the Loss Prevention Dept throughout Canada. Way to go my twin. I'm sure few people know we were born on the same day in the same year, not certain who is the oldest. Me thinks you are the wisest. I've started a process, and if you had the energy think you would love it, it's a kundalini yoga creative process. It builds willpower...the sky is the limit. Clearing out one room to clear the mind was the first step. Oh boy...where to begin!! 6 days of 90 minute exercises followed with 40 day meditation. As you know, you are loved and your sweet smiling face is missed at work. You are in my thoughts. Cheers! Janice

  15. Jona told me about your blog. I just want you to know I think about you constantly and am happy there is an easy way for me to check up on you :)
    Happy to hear about the August wedding
    Keep fighting
    Lots of love

  16. I am so glad that I started this blog as repeatedly telling people the same updates on me gets exhausting and is unhealthy. I am happy that when I do see people that they respect this so we can have healthy relationships. Who wants to be asked over and over how they feel? When someone is on cancer treatment, the answer is not going to be positive. Even if the results are looking good, the person is likely suffering with side affects. So thank you all. I just finished my 3rd cycle of chemo and not sure what the plan will be. I got 3 litres of liquid drained off my abdomen on Friday. The MRI is on Monday and will be seeing my oncologist on Tuesday. Friday is designated drain day. So instead of TGIF, it is TGIDD. Sorry, bad joke. Much Love, Bev

  17. So... I don't know where to begin. I do know that I am at my whits end with this chemo and want me back. I am angry that first of all all I have a terminal illness and even more so that prior to going on chemo I felt well. I feel like I am only a shell of myself and just can't keep it together. I don't even know how many pills I pop a day but likely at least 30 and a bunch of mushroom teas. I so want to exercise. So I am having a pitty party drinking ovaltine and eating frozen chocolate chip cookies. Sick of people staring at me. Sick of losing my balance due the weight imbalance in the front.
    I haven't really gained much weight it is just that it is so unbalanced.

  18. Dear Jesus - Thank you for all the blessings you have given my family and answered my prayers so may times. I prayed that you would expand my territory and you clearly did. My body needs to be healthy so I can serve you. It was an experience undescribeable. I felt so close to you Jesus and I was so excited. It brought me so much hope. Tim and I need to be strengthened by you and we need to remind ourselves to hand over our problems to God. I pray for patience and strength as we approach this week. I pray for good test results and that the chemo has been working. I pray that my side affects will subside so I can have QOL. I read in a Joyce Meyer Book about a man speaking to a young boy who was ploying a basball game and his team was loosing big time. The man asked the boy "are you not worried" The boy turned to the man and said we haven't even been up to bat yet. This will be my 1st MRI since dx and starting chemo. So the same holds true. I haven't even been up to bat yet. Bless you all. xo

  19. Thank you Jesus. I had great blood work results. Tumor markers are both significantly down. Some of the liver enzymes are the same and some are better. Oncologist did not have the MRI results but called us when we were walking in the door. Two radiologists are working on the report but onc wanted to give us a preliminary. Mostly everything is improving but onc spoke to the liver specialist that I previously saw to consider whether blood thinners would help the extreme abdominal swelling. I have a veinal inclusive disease which could be aided by a blood thinner. They need to do a scope to see whether the blood vessels they are concerned about are enlarged. If they are they do not want to put me on blood thinners due to the risk of bleeding. So the scope (gastroscophy) should be done in a week or 2. They are also referring me to get a tap put in so I can drain as often as I need to at home. Test results also came back on the fluid and it did not have cancer cells. We are very thankful for the quick and attentive medical attention that I am receiving. Thank you Jesus for these results and for my medical team for all of their knowledge and skills. Thank you all for the prayers and food too. God Loves all of us. I believe that I am receiving healing one step at a time.

  20. It has been a crazy crazy week. They drained 11 pounds of fluid off my abdomen this am and I feel soooooo much better and energy my energy has increased drastically. Along with that comes a better attitude. If you feel better, life is just better and you feel more hopeful. Tim and I have an appointment at Seven Oaks on Monday pm for training for the tap that in being put in me on Thursday so I can drain at home as frequently as I feel the need to. The scope is being done on July 8th at Grace Hospital. It sounds a bit scary as they put a tube down your throat with a camera so they can look inside you. You are sedated but awake. Apparantly, I have puzzled doctors a bit and they are being cautious a bit which we respect. In the meantime, our own research continues to ensure we are making the right decisions. It is awesome that my tumor markers have decreased by 50% since treatment. However, we (Tim & I) are concerned that the treatment may have been too hard on my liver. I am taking an additional week off chemo to ensure I am strong enough for the treaments and to give my liver some time off and hopefully reduce the inflammation. Take Care All. xo

  21. This week has had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and it is only Monday. Still pretty upset from the day and cannot sleep so here is my random real post telling you how I really feel.
    1. I love my husband more every day maybe even hour. I cannot describe how difficult everything is for me but he also has to live with this every minute of every day. I know he is tormented. I am happy that he is able to sleep right now but I see the fear in his eyes always.
    2. Today was incredibly tough for Tim, Raschelle and I. 1st, my sister in law, Kama took me to urgent care for more swelling complications. They basically told me to accept my new reality and asked if I wanted a wheel chair at home. There was a moment when Raschelle and I just looked at each other and exchanged a 1,000 words without speaking. ie - did they just say that? No way? I know they meant well but it was not well received. However, I strangely feel even more motivated to prove them wrong. Dr. called me back that my tumor markers went down by about 15% over the last 6 days.
    3. Went for training for the drain and had an EKG and everyone at Seven Oaks was amazing and all went well.
    4. We requested my case be brought up on the tumor meeting this Thursday so we can receive the knowledge of many. Had some special assistance by a dear friend today. We believe our prayers for healing are being answered in ways that we did not necessarily expect but we are rejoicing. We are praying for healing in whatever way God chooses to bring it. xo

  22. Yep, still awake. Hope you all are sleeping well. I hate hate hate cancer!!!!! Even more, I have how it hurts all the people I love so dearly. I think I could write a book and maybe I will. I will prove the system wrong and I will be strong once again and you just might see me running my usual route to Shaftesbury and back. That is one of my dreams. I have cancelled so many appts to put in the priority medical ones. Sorry friends, hair dresser and dentist. Oops dentist doesn't know yet but I have to cancel them for the 3rd time.
    I really don't enjoy researching cancer centres. Spoke to one today and they want $21,000 to open a file. They gave me the impression that they really only want the big accounts. We only want a 2nd opinion and can bring all test results to them. They cannot give me a breakdown in their fees. So, tomorrow off to do more research and hope for answers. I do think some answers will be found by the end of the week. I really just want a pretty simple life I think. Time with family and friends, visits to the dog park, long walks, church, time for peace solitude and prayer. Bless you all.....

  23. I have been feeling better this week day by day since the huge drain last Friday. Oncologist put me on diaretics to try to relieve some of the abdominal pressure and I think it helped. Had the tap put in my abdomen so we can do the drainage at home which will help a lot we think and homecare is going to come once a week for 6 weeks to change the dressing. So, I don't have to run around for that either. Staff at St. Boniface were all so friendly or maybe the drugs they gave me contributed to that. Anyway, by the time I spent about 6 hours with them, felt I had met new friends and they were sad that I was not getting my treatments there. Unfortunately, the freezing is now out so the party is ending. My Madder's club friends visited this week and spoiled me and lifted my spirits incredibly. We are praying that we get some answers tomorrow on whether to start another round of chemo as I should be starting soon as I have had 2 weeks off. We have been around such downers this week and also so many positive people. I have chosen to prove the downers wrong and not accept the 'new reality'. I am worthy and I am expecting good things to happen. I am worth fighting for. I will be strong once again!!! Much Love, Bev

  24. Started round 4 of chemo on Saturday June 25th and had blood work done on Monday. Dr. office called and advised to stop chemo for another week as my neutrophils are too low. So will again get blood work on July 4th to see if I can start again. Even with being off the chemo the tumor markers had another good decrease. 13% on the CA15 and 11% in the CAE. Overall huge decrease since the beginning of treatment so I am responding to the poison. (64% decrease in the CA15 ad 56% in the CAE since the start of treatment) Scope at Grace is next Friday July 8th. The tumor meeting was held last week which involves all oncologists and other specialists (all across Manitoba) that are able to attend in person or via teleconference. My case was brought up and no one had any solutions or additional information to add or had ever seen a case like mine. No doctor in Manitoba has seen a case similar to mine. So now what? My onc and the liver specialist are conversing but we do not have too much hope for a solution as he was puzzled by my case previously. We are navigating the system and channels and hoping to be seen by a onc and liver specialist o/s of MB for a 2nd opinion. I am feeling very well. My stomach thug is lower so I can breath easily and my appetite is back which is a huge thing. Previously, was not able to eat much due to lack of room. Thanks for the continual prayers and food.

  25. So grateful to be feeling better and having quality of life! Thug is starting to decrease, appetite is great, energy is great. (even with insomnia) Went for a very slow and cautious roller blade yesterday. Tim had been pretty much in a bubble so if I think that if I fell I could only have broken my nose. We also went to see the amazing fire works at the Assiniboine Park. Hoping and praying the momentum continues. Thank you Jesus!

  26. So I am copying Lance Armstrong’s Book title for this post: It’s Not About The Bike
    But it is kind of about the bike. Most people know me as a bit of a health and exercise nut. Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand. Loved to run, do weights, bike ride, roller blade, hike and go for long walks. Visiting with friends meant going on what I call a “walk/talk”. Going for a 2 hour walk and catching up with people. Maybe part of my obsessive multi-tasking personality. Don’t want to waste any time. Some people use the phrase “kill some time”. I have always cringed silently when people said this. Time is to be always treasured.
    Being healthy and active was a big part of me. I am struggling to become that person again but I am making some progress. I have been able to go for 3 – 30 minute bike rides and have also been doing some light upper body and lower body weights. I have lost a lost a lot of muscle and hope to regain some. When I went for my 1st bike ride it was quite emotional for me. Always loved my bike and did not know if I was going to be able to go again as my balance had been pretty bad with the thug in my abdomen.
    Health Update:
    I no longer look pregnant. Just look like I have some extra weight in my abdomen. Some maternity clothes are now too large. (down about 6 inches in my abdomen) I have lost some weight since this ordeal began. Now, that thug is nearly gone, I have more room for food and able to get around with ease. Tim is doing the drainage for me and it has significantly decreased. Abdominal drainage site has healed well and just got my 3rd dressing change today.
    Still working on the hand/foot syndrome and researching for solutions. This is what keeps me from being more active. It nearly always feels like you are walking on hot sand. Otherwise, energy and appetite are really good.
    Tumor markers are down 70% from when I started treatment and MRI also shows cancer destruction.
    Had the scope last Friday and got the ok for blood thinners. The blood thinners are to treat my liver and to hopefully prevent further liver damage. There are numerous blocked vessels which is bringing a lot of concern to doctors. Waiting to hear from liver specialist as they are considering doing a tips procedure (installation of a stint or stunt) in my liver. I would like another ultra sound or MRI as I feel like I am healing and want to make sure the decision for this procedure is based on current information not an MRI or Ultra Sound that is 4 to 6 weeks old. I am giving myself a blood thinner needle once a day that I am pretty proud of myself for being able to do. Not a procedure that comes naturally but hey many diabetics have to give themselves needles numerous times per day. So, I just had to suck it up!
    Next oncologist appt is August 2nd . Believing I will have more optimistic news to report. Praying for more healing.
    Justine’s wedding is only 2 ½ weeks away!
    Thank you my friends and family for your ongoing love, support (and food) Much Love, Bev

    Life has been pretty crazy scary, pretty emotional, and pretty wonderful. A lesson I keep learning again and again in life is to trust your own instincts. We know our bodies the best. Don’t make instant decisions when it involves your health. Ressearch, get another opinion and rely on friends and family who love you to the moon and back.
    Doctors decided that I should have a shunt put in my liver and wanted to do surgery on me 4 days before Justine’s wedding. I didn’t understand the urgency of the surgery and a doctor scheduled it without examining me. We pushed back, researched and prayed for guidance. We questioned the need for this when I felt so much better and my abdomen had pretty much returned to its normal size. I was getting very little drainage from my drain that is in my abodomen also. The doctor finally agreed to see me and agreed that there could be some potential hope for me. It is very frustrating when back when this the abdominal swelling started back in April, I could not get anyone to take me seriously and think there was anything wrong with me. Now, they cannot believe that I could be healing.
    All signs are pointing to healing! Tumor markers as of August 2nd are down another 30% approx. Liver enzymes are improving and my outward appearance is astonishing miraculously better.
    They took me off diaretics and going to monitor me for the next week to confirm that I don’t get abdominal swelling again. Continuing on the blood thinner injections. Will continue to monitor my measurements, weight and drainage. If all things continue to stabilize they will order an ultrasound to confirm no fluid accumulation and then consider removing the drainage tube in my abdomen. Going for another MRI on September 16th.
    Continuing to believe in the power of praying and healing. Feeling very blessed.

  28. Another health update:
    August 2nd blood work showed that I required another week off of chemo due to low platelets and neutrophils. I will be getting my blood work done again on Monday August 8th and hopefully they have improved enough to continue.
    I am responding to the treatment very well and that is what matters most. And, I am feeling well and enjoying life. Trying to regain some weight that I lost and still riding my bike.

  29. August 8th medical update: I had my blood tested again today and they are waiting another week to start another round of chemotherapy. My platelets are down further since last week although my neutrophils have improved. Trying to accept this and not be too concerned but easier said than done.
    So, another week of wait and see. I will have to just block out all of this and go for one heck of a bike ride. Please continue to pray for me.

  30. Chemo is postponed once again. Platelets increased but still too low. Neutrophils on the low side too. The combination of both, and being on blood thinners and concern over my liver has led to the decision of another week off. I am concerned but nothing I can do about it except try to get stronger through nutrition, rest, exercise and prayer. I have been able to go for one hour bike rides and my feet are seeing some improvement. How sick can I be if I am able to do everything I am doing.
    Had a great night out with friends from Red River College this week. Friends arriving from BC today too! Justine and Matt are making a Winnipeg cameo appearance next week and then off they go on their honey moon/road trip/James and Lakeisha’s wedding. Justine is starting school on September 6th. Lots of changes.
    Hopefully, all my blood work will be ok next Monday to start back on poison. Trying my best not to worry as it is a waste of time.
    A quote that resonates with me is “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” Thanks for the continued prayers. Love, Bev


  31. Matthew and Justine’s Wedding
    Two weeks ago today, my daughter Justine married Matthew Hubeny. I have been riding on the wedding emotions ever since. Even though the planning of the wedding was only for 12 weeks there are just so many things I want to thank people for. From the date that the wedding was set, everyone was so flexible and understanding with our ‘wing it’ wedding. Justine and Matthew got engaged in Mexico about 1 ½ years ago and had originally hoped to get married in Mexico. Hecla Island proved to be an amazing plan B! Even on such short notice, almost everyone invited was able to attend. Justine and Matthew’s wedding and everything leading up to it is such a beautiful example of God Answering Our Prayers.
    There were so many signs that God was walking us through this journey and making things happen just as they were supposed to. Justine did an amazing job of planning this in such a short time. I believe God gave us a lot of guidance and continues to. I was not able to help out with the planning as much as I would have liked but I was there for the important stuff. (wedding dress shopping and cake testing) Thank you to so many people for helping out when I could not. (Tim, Janine, Chris, Ryan, James, Raschelle, Pat, Laura) To those I have not mentioned, I am sorry. God was there for everything!
    Justine found the dress that she envisioned and it was an emotional mother/daughter moment. Stella’s was able to have the dress arrive in Winnipeg two weeks after it was ordered which is a miracle as these dresses typically take months.
    Hecla Island had an opening on Monday August 1st which was pretty much the only opening that was left until around November.
    Two of my dear friends (Joanne and Tracy) shopped for a dress for me as I was not up to shopping. I prayed for healing and that I would feel well for the wedding. My ascites decreased and I had to buy a smaller dress. Yeah......I felt very well the day of the wedding and I am continuing to feel well.
    We are so thankful for the gift of Pastor Wiebe marrying Justine and Matthew. And, of course there is a story about how we received this great blessing. I have a dear friend Tamara who I asked to marry them. I had prayed that she would marry them. Unfortunately, she had another commitment. She contacted me a couple of days later and told me that her father offered to marry Justine and Matthew. I was so amazed at how God answered my prayer. He always answers, just sometimes not exactly how we expected. I don’t know exactly how to describe what I felt but I felt that God was not only providing us with an amazing Godly man to marry my baby daughter but giving me a sign that he too as our eternal father would be there. We instantly bonded with this great man. He gave a prayer of healing at the beginning of the service, added humor to the ceremony, teased Matthew, and requested the newlyweds provide an encore kiss. They amicably agreed. In the words of Pastor Wiebe – “I tied their knot really tight” Thank you Tamara for sharing your ‘Father’ in so many ways.
    Thank you to Matt’s parents for Matthew. He is such a kind hearted man who treasures my daughter. He has been in our family since 2009 but now it is officially official. Matthew – you are Justine’s prince. Matthew is a man of honour and will always put Justine first.
    Tim – Thank you for your heartfelt Grace prayer. You are always my rock. You are such a loving Godly man and I am honoured to be your wife.
    Tim, Raschelle and Justine – You are 3 of my greatest blessings. I am so grateful to God that both Raschelle and Justine have found amazing men to share their lives with.
    Thank you to Pat and Raschelle for all of your support for the wedding and the support and guidance that you always provide us. Raschelle – you were honestly hilarious and the hat was perfect. Pat -Thanks for your assistance in the fishing escapade to rescue Justine’s veil from the lake.

  32. Thank you to Jacey for doing Justine’s makeup and the touch ups throughout.
    Thanks to Jacey and Raschelle for going for a run in your long dresses to find the flowers.
    Illana and Raschelle – All I can say is thank goodness we got that dress tied up and threaded in the back.
    Dayna - Thank you for your daughter - Cory – our flower girl. Thanks for providing J with your friendship and support.
    Thanks to my dear friend Pam for always being there for me and letting me have a full out melt down on your shoulder. You always seem to get me and know what is going on without me even saying it.
    Thanks to Doug and Verna for letting us use your awesome car. Much classier than my corolla or a truck. You came once again to the rescue. So great to catch up even if it was only for a bit.
    Everyone’s stories at the reception were so touching, funny and heartfelt. (Brenda, Laura, both Ryan’s, Chris, Jacey, Pat, and Chris. Ryan M – So touching that your story included a bit of Grannie Hazie.) Sorry, for those I have forgotten.
    Special thank you to the Martone’s for opening up the church and being available on minimal notice.
    Thanks to Ryan for being our MC and winging it. Great job!
    I am so grateful that mostly everyone could attend and for feeling so well that I had some great visits with friends and family.
    And to our beautiful bride – Mrs. Justine Hubeny – Love you so much! To the moon and back and back again. Thank you for changing your wedding for me. Thank you for giving me the honour of making a toast at your wedding and for walking you down the aisle with your dad. I am so grateful to have you in my life as my daughter and my dear dear friend.
    Thank you everyone for all of your prayers for this day. Thank you God for this great day. I have been slow posting this but I am still overwhelmed with all the ways that we have been blessed leading up to this day, during this day and beyond.
    Love Always,


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