Tuesday, 23 August 2016

August 23rd Medical Update

August 23rd Medical Update
Got a call from Oncologist’s office this morning that it is ok to resume treatment.  Platelets increased.  Tumor markers decreased even with being off of treatment. (last treatment finished on July 25th)  Tumor marker CA15 (breast cancer) has decreased from 449 when treatment began in April to 65 yesterday.   (0– 25 is normal)  The other tumor marker CEA has decreased from 271 in April to 68.  (0-5 is normal) Seems like the cancer cells in my body are very vulnerable to this drug.  (these work differently for everyone)  Treatments are both an art and a science.  My liver enzymes have also seen improvement. 
Hoping for clear signs of improvement in my liver and the cancer on my September 16th MRI.

Thank you God.  Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and love.   

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