Friday, 28 October 2016

 October 28th Update
I have again been blessed with more healing.  The drain removal took a couple of weeks to heal from but fortunately that is behind me.  I finished another round of chemo on October 17th and saw the oncologist on October 25th.  I have switched oncologists and I am comfortable with my decision.  He is doing a referral to a clot specialist to see if I should be continuing to do the daily blood thinner injections.  Passed the platelet count test and neutrophil blood test.  I will be starting another round of chemo next week.  Both my tumor markers decreased again.  I was described by the new oncologist as an atypical patient in both a negative and positive way.  The side affects that I have been having from the xeloda have been worse that the average patient and my response to the treatment has been above average. 
My previous oncologist and new oncologist have been communicating and their recommendations in my treatment plan are a bit different.  My previous oncologist thinks that I have likely received most of the benefits that I can from my treatment and suggested to switch me to an aromatase inhibitor.  The new oncologist believes that we can kick the cancer’s butt a bit more and is comfortable with further chemo.  My tumor markers continue to decrease at a consistent steady rate so I am going to do another round.  I think the previous oncologist is concerned about my platelets and would like to see them recover. 
I really was emotionally overwhelmed with the potential of going on an aromatase inhibitor.  I thought this was a fantasy plan.  Apparantly, this could be a very realistic plan for me in the future.  I feel blessed beyond my own comprehension.  I am very fortunate that I seem to have chosen a drug that my particular cancer seems to really respond to.  Not all women respond to a particular drug.  It is a reality that I could have chosen one and not had a response to it.  I am beyond pleased but also very shaken up.  You just never know what is ahead and if or how long your body will respond to a drug.  Many patients in my condition have seen a progression and I have been seeing a regression. 
I am faithfully believing that my body will continue to respond to treatment and continued healing will happen.  Thank you God for the ongoing healing that you have brought to my body. 
Thank you all for your continued prayers. 


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