Thursday, 29 September 2016

September 29th Update
I had my blood retested yesterday and the platelets are still too low for chemo.  So, I need to wait another week and get it retested before I do another round of chemo.  The abdominal drain was successfully removed this morning.  It is going to be freedom not having a tail hanging out of me.  I am feeling well.  We went for an 1 ½ hour bike ride yesterday.  Feet are still winy brats and that just is the way it is.  The peeling has really decreased and I can momentarily walk barefoot.  Dry eyes seem to want to stay permanently and eye drops are my BFF.  I never leave home without them. 
Feeling at peace and feeling patient.  I just need some more time for my body to do some more healing and get the cancer more controlled.  I know there is no cure for stage 4 at this time in the world but pray one day there will be.  I pray that mine can be controlled with various types of drugs for many years and also be able to have a good quality of life. 
God is beside me every step.  He is giving me direction in the paths that he wants me to take. Most times when I go in for a procedure I come across someone with an amazing story who also has a strong faith and they choose to tell me their story without me asking anything.  When I had my last MRI, the nurse who gave me an IV had been in a wheelchair for years due to meningitis.   Today, my nurse’s daughter had leukemia when she was 8 years old and was on chemo for 2 years.  Now, she is doing well and is in nursing.  Love hearing stories of healing. 
Feeling confident that I will be able to do another round of chemo next week.  Enjoying every day! 
Much Love,


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