Thursday, 22 September 2016

Healing Is Happening
The oncology nurse just left me a voice mail with good blood work results.  I was trying my best to be patient since Tuesday but concentration was honestly getting difficult.  I was fighting with my brain to only let the good positive productive healing thoughts in.  I could still need improve in this area. 
I don’t have all of the numbers as I did not get to speak to her directly.  I am so grateful that she gave me the most critical information.  The breast cancer tumor marker (CA 15-3) decreased by 28% since August 22nd.  And, the general tumor marker (CEA) decreased by about 9%.  There has not been much change in my liver enzyme numbers.  (she did not leave me these numbers) Since my CA 15-3 has decreased from 449 in April to the current 47; I am believing that means 90% of the cancer is gone.  (0-25 is normal)   The medical field only thinks of this as part of the scenario as the MRI and stability amongst other things are factors.  But, in my brain, heart and soul; I am choosing to believe this.
Thank you God for bringing  healing to my body.   Thank you God for staying right beside me. 
Thank you all for your friendship, love, and prayers.   Tim and I are both filled with Joy and Hope and Gratitude.  I am pretty emotional today and even writing this is bringing me to tears.  Tim and I are going out for a celebratory bike ride.  Hope he is able to keep up. 


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