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December 31st - Wind Down Of 2017

December 31st – Wind Down Of 2017

Every year truly does go faster than the one before.  This is such a time of reflection.  I also see it as an opportunity to reflect on what has happened the past year and what I would like 2018 year to be like.  I read a quote today from Elizabeth Gilbert.   “You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.”  What would we like our lives to be like in 2018 and what steps can we take?  This year, I am setting time aside to reflect on the past year and also to look ahead and look forward to 2018.  A couple of nights ago, I was particularly off and could not at first understand why.  I felt unsettled and not at peace.  I am not sure if it was what I had been watching on TV, that I needed time for reflection and prayer, that I had been over reflecting or what.  But, I gave myself the opportunity to figure it out. 

I am grateful for the relationship that I have with God.  I am grateful for the gift of salvation and the knowledge that I am enough.    Yet my heart felt heavy.  But, I quickly came to the source of my restlessness.  One single word summed everything up. 


I want 2018 to be my blank slate of MORE.  I want to be MORE.  I want to be more tomorrow than I am today.  I want to love more, forgive more, be forgiven more, be more joyful, more real, more encouraging, more hopeful, help more, do more, experience more, heal more, give more, pray more, be more kind, laugh more, be more present in every moment, learn more, be more.....
I have a vision board in my head and ideas in my heart and brain.  I am a visual person and I have to write my ideas and plans down or they stay at ideas.  A few of the things that I want to focus on even more than I do now are:

Self care – Physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I need to carve out times for all of these on a very consistent basis.  I know when I don’t I am not balanced and not overall as well or happy as I could be.   These really over lap so much and when one if off; I am off.

Quiet Time – I need time every day to just be still.  To be in complete silence.  To be aware of God’s prescence and guidance.
Faith – There is nothing I treasure more and there just are no words to describe the significance of my personal relationship with God on a daily basis.  I choose to be led by God every day. 

I am so grateful for all of the miracles and blessings that God has given me. Becoming a Grandma to Anne this year is a Joy like no other.  Seeing her development from birth to a 6 month old that is now sitting up is such a gift.  This may be a bit of a late Christmas version brag letter but I am extremely proud of my children.  And, I really feel this year it just really needs to be said.   I am beyond proud of my daughter; Raschelle and the amazing mother she is.  So much love in that girl’s heart.  I have seen her calmly, and lovingly blossom as a wife and mom.  Her husband; Patrick is extremely supportive and has shown me that he is a Good Good Father.  Anne loves him so much.   And, my heart melts when it is her Papa that she wants and can silence her cry and take all her troubles away.   It fills my heart with Joy to see how much she loves them both.  She looks at Raschelle with such adoration and frequently interrupts her and Raschelle isn’t able to get a word in.  I am so thankful that both of my daughters have married great men.  Justine has been up to so much this past year; that it sometimes makes my head spin.  She graduated from Aesthetics, moved back to Red Lake and started up her own business.  Matthew and Justine put a lot on their plates support each other constantly.  Matthew works long hours and is continuing to build their home.  And....they are expecting their first child on June 28th.  They are having a gender reveal in January so that will be another exciting event.  God is blessing our family abundantly!  I have been blessed with very special friends, and  family and I find the relationships and their importance continue to increase.  I find it amazing how God seems to put people in our lives that are exactly what we need in our situations and circumstances.  I very much hope you all know who you are.  If you are reading this then you are one of them.
 I need to be aware that God always knows best and will continue to answer my prayers in ways that sometimes I as an earthly being may not understand.  As a believer, I have often struggled with the question of why do bad things happen to good people.  At church today; it was said that our definition of good as earthly beings is sometimes different that God’s.  God’s  definition of good is whatever brings us closer to Jesus.  Good is not defined by our circumstances or our feelings.  I know this is something that I need to pound into my head continuously.  I have received miraculous healing in my circumstances.   God has spoken to me the most when I am in my deepest valleys in life. 
I challenge everyone to think of what they would like their 2018 to be like and to ask God for guidance.    I pray that we all ask for God’s guidance on what to put on our slate for 2018. 

Much Love and Blessings Always,


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